SpeedOptimizer optimizes your system for better prformance
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SpeedOptimizer is a program that increases the performance of the computer by analyzing the PC configuration and making necessary modifications to it.
The registry cleaner cleans unwanted entries in the registry. It cleans invalid file extensions, Invalid ActiveX controls, redundant classIDs, redundant ProgIDs, obsolete uninstallers, redundant shared DLLs, obsolete fonts, help files, invalid application paths, invalid icons, invalid shortcuts and MRUs.The file cleaner cleans temporary windows files, temporary Internet files, obsolete operating system uninstallers, obsolete backup files,obsolete GID files and orphan shortcuts.
Speedoptimizer can change windows settings for the best performance. For example, it can reassign the recycle bin size, optimize temporary Internet folders size, etc.
This program can also optimize the network connection for the best performance. This feature automatically detects the type of the network your computer is connected to.
It also has got a startup manager which can manage startup applications.
SpeedOptimizer is a good tool for enhancing the performance of your system but the program tends to be useless after all the optimizing is over. Moreover the application has a poor appearance and the "Help" feature is very bad.

Ahmed Ameen
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  • Can also clean temporary Internet and windows files


  • There are many bugs
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